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New adidas shoes for 2022

Tim Barnes

07 March 2022

Where do we start when looking for the best golf shoes of the year? A global sportwear brand seems like as good a place as any, and that’s adidas. The expert shoemaker is back with a bang in 2022; taking its best-in-class shoes to new heights. We’re going to look into some of our favourite releases for the new season.


adidas Tour360 Shoes

These are a fantastic all-round option. The comfortable design includes underfoot cushioning in the Boost midsoles to reduce fatigue when walking the course and spiked TPU soles with outstanding grip & traction for stability in your swing. The premium leather uppers and leather lining also gives you waterproof protection for year-round performance. Take a closer look here.

adidas Tour360 Golf Shoes


adidas S2G SL Shoes

This amazing new design is a real step forwards in the evolution of golf shoes; a sporty look and spikeless soles with waterproof protection. What makes that such an advancement? It’s made with adidas’ Primegreen construction; using recycled materials for a more sustainable golf shoe. Take a closer look here.

adidas S2G SL Golf Shoes


adidas Codechaos Shoes

From cutting-edge technology to an ultra-modern, exciting look that will catch the eye of on-course athletes. This is a spikeless, summer shoe with emphasis on style and stability and comfort to power you through 18 holes and beyond. Take a closer look here.

adidas Codechaos Golf Shoes


Which shoes jump out at you? The wide selection allows you to take your pick, and we’ll be happy to help if you’re not sure. Feel free to stop by our shop any time, see the full range and even try them on!

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