9 hole Golf Course

The course was opened in 2001 and it has proved a hit with the local community! The course winds it's way round a mature woodland and natural ponds are a feature on five of the nine holes. At par 35 it's long enough and tight enough to challenge even the best players but it's also an ideal course for your first round of golf.

Don't worry about strict dress codes here, our main rule is just to enjoy your game!

The first hole offers an inviting fairway to aim for but big hitters should be wary of water on the right, the second hole is an uphill par 3 with a devilish 3 tier green to contend with. Then it's on to the stroke index one hole which is a make or break par 5, this hole can be a real card wrecker with a huge ravine that can catch second shots. 

The par 3 fifth hole is another standout hole with a large area of water in play - especially when playing from the back tees, but a small green means that if you do make it - you're looking at a good birdie chance. The sixth hole is a short par 4 with a very narrow green which just warms you up for our signature seventh hole - a 178 yard par 3 from an elevated tee, before you hit your shot just take a moment to enjoy the view from up there!

Holes eight and nine are two tough ones to finish, with the last hole being especially fearsome with up to 3 areas of water in play, if you avoid all that you also have to be very wary of the out of bounds right off the tee!

If you finish the nine holes with the same ball you started with then you have done well!

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